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Thursday, March 11, 2010


so, i thought it would make sense to start off this blog by giving a little bit of background information as to why this club formed and why exactly we're choosing these films in particular.

in late '09, during one of many days browsing the internet endlessly at my job, i stumbled upon a website with a list of "the most controversial films of all-time." i started browsing through the list, realizing that there were a fair amount i had never seen. i was immediately interested, and later on that week i showed the list to jason. we decided to watch every single film on this list (save for the ones we'd already BOTH seen, which don't necessarily need re-watching, but they may now that we do plan on writing about them).

we've been watching the films since then in random order, and adding to the list as we research further (there are plenty of lists online like the one we found above, some of which had more focus on films that have been released in the past decade, for example). eventually we'll discuss exactly what we think makes a film "controversial," what it means to go into a film having already researched it versus the great unknowing of seeing a film without any damn clue as to what's going to happen, and other such topics, but for now we're going to start posting here about the movies we've been watching. we'll be working our way backwards through the films we've watched since the end of last year while simultaneously posting about films we're watching presently.

it should be noted that neither of us are "film reviewers" and these will be pretty informal (ie. very informal). we also encourage you to join us. watch these films and discuss them! a warning goes though for this blog: obviously, as it is with any film review, there will be spoilers at times, and if you'd like to see the films first before reading our reviews we'll understand.

jordaan & jason

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